Thursday, 7 August 2014

Percona Xtrabackup Installation

Backup plays a important role in database world. If our server gets crashed we might lost the data, in order to recover the data, we need backups. Hence backups are to be taken regularly.

        There are many ways to take backup of our server, out of that we mostly use mysqldump to take backups. Its the best solution to take backup also. 
                           But it will take more time if data size is huge. We all know mysqldump will lock  tables while taking a backup. If data size is huge it will be bottleneck for server. In order to avoid table locking we have some third party backup tool (Percona Xtrabackup).This will take backups fast as compared to other methods.

 Percona Xtrabackup is the only world’s open source, free MySQL backup tool.It does not lock table for InnoDB and XtraDB databases while taking a backup.

Percona Xtrabackup can take backup for InnoDB, MyISAM, XtraDB tables in MySQL servers as well as XtraDB tables in Percona servers.

We can achieve the following from Percona Xtrabackup,

         Backups that complete quickly and reliably
         Uninterrupted transaction processing during backups
         Savings on disk space and network bandwidth
         Automatic backup verification
         Higher uptime due to faster restore time

Percona provides repositories for yum (RPM packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and compatible distributions such as CentOS, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Amazon Linux AMI, and Fedora) and apt (.deb packages for Ubuntu and Debian) for software such as Percona Server, XtraDB, Percona XtraBackup, and Percona Toolkit.

Here, I have shown yum installation of xtrabackup for 32bit CentOS.

First we need to get the rpm file, which can be found from the Percona’s official website.

For 32 Bit, Click here  
For 64 Bit, Click here 

Once downloaded install it using rpm,

rpm -Uvh percona-release -0.0-1.i386.rpm

After installing check it by,
yum list | grep percona
Next is to install Xtrabackup, Run yum install xtrabackup 

This will install percona Xtrabackup in your server.

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